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The ultimate goal of our group is to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies. We work on various versions of galaxy formation theories, focusing on dynamical clustering of galaxies and galactic chemical evolution in combination with stellar population synthesis. We extensively, but not exclusively, use SDSS and GALEX data to test our theoretical models.

Title: Merger relics of cluster galaxies

Explanation: Merger features are found too often in massive cluster galaxies to be fully explained by in-situ galaxy mergers that are theoretically thought to be rare in such deep potential wells. We attempted to explain this new observational finding (Sheen et al. 2012) using numerical simulations in combination with semi-analytic approach of galaxy formation theory. We found that mergers last so very long in deep observing conditions that many of the merger-featured galaxies in present-day clusters may have originated from the mergers in their previous halo environments, hence the name "merger relics". Published in Astronomy and Astrophysics (15 June 2013).
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