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The ultimate goal of our group is to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies. We work on various versions of galaxy formation theories, focusing on dynamical clustering of galaxies and galactic chemical evolution in combination with stellar population synthesis. We extensively, but not exclusively, use SDSS and GALEX data to test our theoretical models.

  • International workshop on galaxy clusters and galaxy formation was held at Yonsei Univ. (19-23 Oct 2015)
  • Trakhtenbrot et al. (2015) (also refer this article: Chandra Press release) which reports extremely massive black hole at z=3.328 and also former GEMer Hyewon Suh co-authored has been published in Science (Jul 2015)
  • Oh et al. (2015) has been published in ApJS (Jul 2015)
  • Jay's PhD viva: congratulations to Dr. Lee! (18 Jun 2015)
  • Dr. Baitian Tang visited GEM (2 Jun 2015)
  • 2015 GEM Yeosu workshop held in Yeosu (19-23 Jan 2015)
  • Yohan Dobois visited GEM (3-4 Nov 2014)
  • Lee et al. (2014) has been published in MNRAS (Dec 2014)
  • Jung et al. (2014) has been published in ApJ (Oct 2014)
  • Ji. et al. (2014) has been published in A&A (June 2014)

  • Title: Sussing merger trees: the impact of halo merger trees on galaxy properties in a semi-analytic model

    Explanation: A halo merger tree forms the essential backbone of a semi-analytic model for galaxy formation and evolution. This study inviestigates effect of various tree building algorithms on galaxy properties using a SAM. Full text [ADS] [국문요약]

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