New catalog of Type 1 AGN

A new catalog of Type 1 AGN is available here:


The table provided here is same with the one published in the journal (Oh et al. 2015, ApJS, 219, 1).


New type 1 AGN catalog
column Name Data Type/Units Description
0    SDSS_OBJID string[1] 18-digit
1     RA double[1] / J2000 Right Ascension in decimal degrees
2     DEC double[1] / J2000 Declination in decimal degrees
3     REDSHIFT double[1] redshift
4     LOIII double[1] / erg s-1 log [OIII] line luminosity
5     FWHM double[1] / kms-1 Broad H-alpha Full-Width at Half-Maximum
6    FWHM_ERR double[1] / kms-1 Error in FWHM
7     EW_BHA double[1] / Å Broad H-alpha Equivalent Width
8     LBHA double[1] / erg s-1 log Broad H-alpha line luminosity
9     MBH double[1] log Blackhole mass
10    MBH_UPPER_ERR double[1] Upper limit error in logMBH
11     MBH_LOWER_ERR double[1] Lower limit error in logMBH
12     LBOL double[1] log bolometric luminosity
13     FLAG   source note: N for newly identified type 1 AGN with the Chandra X-ray data (X). SDSS SpecClass=3 objects are denoted by 3. H and G indicate that the object was also identified by Hao et al. (2005) and Greene & Ho (2007).