For the details, users may refer to the OSSY paper : Oh et al., 2011, ApJS, 195, 13



Oct. 2015 // New catalog of Type 1 AGN

A new catalog of Type 1 AGN is released.


[goto OSSY website]

Full PDF version of the paper is available here.


June 2013 // Mirror links for a new database

The database is now ready to be released with additional files.

We provide the cross-matched parameters from the SDSS DR7 pipeline such as RA.(J2000), DEC.(J2000), redshift, PLATE, MJD and FIBERID to help users.

In addition, we provide ‘observed fluxes’ that are reliable in case of failure for the measurements of internal reddening.

A new Database is available in the mirror links (dropbox, accessible to non-dropbox user) for your convenience.

All FITS tables are sorted with the same order of objects.

Please use the following links :

Absorption-line measurements (187 MB)

Emission-line measurements (intrinsic fluxes & errors, 405 MB)

Emission-line measurements (A/N, EW & sky-flag, 359 MB)

Emission-line measurements (observed fluxes & A/N, 320 MB)

Quality-Assessment parameters for continuum (27 MB)

Quality-Assessment parameters for emission (49 MB)

OSSY-SDSS cross-matched values (36 MB) : We provide cross-matched parameters between the OSSY database and SDSS DR7 for the convenience of users. RA.(J2000), DEC.(J2000), redshift, PLATE, MJD and FIBERID are listed with ObjID.



Dec. 2012 // The latest release of the OSSY catalogue

The latest version of the OSSY catalogue which corrects velocity shifts is released.

In this version, we combine the previous supplement files with the main file.

Please find the files in absorption- and emission-line pages.



Nov. 2012 // Server migration

There was a migration work and the database was not available during stabilization of the system.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

A new database which have accurate velocities will be released soon.



Oct. 2012 // Supplement of -8,000 objects

At the beginning of the database, almost -8,000 objects were exempted due to unknown error (downloading from the SDSS spectral archive). Now, we provide the measurements of -8,000 objects. Please take a look at ‘supplement’ file at Absorption- and Emission-line page.

–> Supplement files were combined with the main file at the latest release (Dec. 2012)



Oct. 2012 // the OSSY database renewal

The OSSY database migrated into wordpress! :



July 2012 // Known problem

Thanks to Dr. Julie Comerford (Austin, USA), we found that gas velocity offset of the OSSY catalogue has around 10 – 15 km/s of shift. We are working on that problem and hope it fixed soon!



Aug. 2011 // the OSSY database established



Aug. 2011 // the OSSY paper published

Oh et al., 2011, ApJS, 195, 13