ySAM - Yonsei Semi-Analytic Model for Galaxy Formation and Evolution

ySAM is a semi-analytic model for galaxy formation and evolution. This code is written using a programming language, IDL. ySAM simulates galaxy evolution in a cosmological volume based on halo merger trees extracted from cosmological collision-less volume simulations. You can find the details of our model in Lee & Yi 2013.
Here we release a mock galaxy catalogue generated by ySAM. This catalogue includes the properties of all galaxies in a cosmological volume of a 200Mpc/h periodic cube. Our model computes the evolution of the follwing galaxy properties throughout the cosmic time.

  • Stellar mass in disks, bulges, and intra-cluster light
  • Stellar mass of in situ and ex situ components
  • Stellar mass formed in bursty mode induced by galaxy mergers
  • The mass of gas components in cold and hot phase
  • The mass of super massive blackholes
  • The amount of stars formed in quiescent and bursty modes during a time step
  • The mass of He, O, and Fe in disk and bulge stars
  • The mass of He, O, and Fe in hot and cold gas
  • The mass of He, O, and Fe in stars newly formed in quiescent and bursty modes during a time step
  • Total luminosity of disk and bulge stars in B and V bands
  • Mass and luminosity weighted ages
  • Position and velocity of galaxies
  • Halo mass and radii

    You can download the model catalogue here [Click!].
    We provide the snapshots in the standard fits format. All the snapshot files in the link are compressed. You can read the snapshots using procedures for reading fits file. For example, you can open a snapshot file by running "galaxy=mrdfits("snapshot.fits",1)" at the IDL command line. You can find the redshift and the age of the universe of each snapshot is z_age.txt in the linked page. Please see README file in the link for further details.