We use the EPS technique to study galaxy evolution. It involves nearly every piece of information in astronomy: initial mass function, stellar evolution, mass loss, spectral synthesis, extinction, colour calibration, and cosmology, to name only a few. Prof. Yi has developed his own code during his PhD years at Yale. The strengths of this models are (1) they are based on the most up-to-date stellar models, (2) they are calibrated for mass loss using globular cluster data, and (3) they are based on a realistic synthesis horizontal-branch models. Our current research projects in this area include (1) the UV spectral evolution of Elliptical Galaxies, (2) the age estimation of high redshift galaxies, and (3) the formation of elliptical galaxies through a globular cluster study.

1. The Origin of the UV Upturn in Elliptical Galaxies

2. Spectrochronology of High-Redshift Galaxies

3. Galaxy Formation via Globular Clusters